Broadwater Navigation Practical

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Time: 8am – 1pm

Nautical Training & Marine Services specialise in Gold Coast boat training on the Broadwater. During the Broadwater Practical Course, participants will learn how to safely navigate their way around our busy waterways, using all available aids for navigation.

This course can be conducted onboard our AMSA (Australia Maritime Safety Association) & MSQ (Marine Services Maritime Safety Queensland) approved commercial Nautical Training Vessel “Legs” &/or onboard your own vessel, specific to your area of operation.  Provision of your registration and hull insurance currency is required prior to confirmation.

Participants will gain skills and knowledge of trip planning from point A to B learning the basic fundamentals of chart plotting as well as familiarisation of onboard electronic aids to navigation, considering the prevailing conditions, wind, weather forecasting, tidal movement and fuel considerations for the intended voyage.   Including vessel handling, knots lines & hitches, anchoring, docking and manoeuvring.

Contact Nautical Training & Marine Services on 0412 550 570 for comprehensive Gold Coast boat training for vessels of all sizes.