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The BoatSafe Licence Scheme is a competency based system designed to ensure professional, safe and fun training, providing you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to get safely out on the water through standards set by Maritime Safety Queensland.

When you complete the BoatSafe accredited training course with Nautical Training & Marine Services you will be using the most up to date vessels and equipment to ensure your safety on the water.  We aim to provide quality education promoting safety and respect for others with whom we share our busy waterways.


The pre-study Theory component needs to be completed prior to Theory, Practical Training and Assessment day.

This is where you learn the fundamentals to get you out on the water and covers theory aspect of safe boating & jet skiing to best prepare you for the official theory assessment multiple choice exam on training day.  It can be completed Online or face to face in class.

Option 1:  Boatsafe Online Course

This is the most popular choice as it enables you to study at home at your own pace and it replaces time spent in the classroom.  The course includes videos, explanations and practice questionnaires.  Once successful you will need to print your Certificate and submit to your BoatSafe Training Provider on your chosen booking date.  Theory and Practical Assessments must be completed within a 3 month time frame upon completion of the Online Theory Course.  This is a Qld Government regulation.

Option 2:  In-class Face to Face Training

We can provide face to face theory training in a classroom if required.  You will need to call us to arrange and additional charge will apply.  Pre-study Workbooks available are the SAFE BOATING WORKBOOK (Hardcopy $25) or BOATSAFE WORKBOOK (download for free)  The Workbook questionnaires must be completed prior to Face to Face Onsite booking date.


The Theory Exam is comprised of:

RMDL Only Exam 50 multiple choice questions 

PWCL Only Exam 40 multiple choice questions 

COMBINED RMDL 50 & PWC 20 questions.

  • Allocated exam time is 45 minutes or 60 minutes for Learning Literacy Numeracy candidates. This is a closed book exam and needs to be done in person under supervision with us and usually completed on the same day that you attend your practical training.  
  • Pass mark of MSQ exam is 100%.  If any questions are incorrect, you will need to undergo further training on those sections and then given a second attempt on those incorrect questions to achieve 100%
  • If unsuccessful the student is deemed not yet competent and you will need to come back for further training and resit the theory exam on another day.
  • You will not be able to complete the practical assessment until you have passed the theory assessment.
  • Only 2 attempts on the same day are allowed and you will pay an assessment fee to us on each additional day you attempt the assessment.


This is where you get to put your hands on the helm and put that theory into practice.  Practical training is conducted on our MSQ approved vessels and the initial lesson will take approximately 45-60 per person.  You will gain skills and knowledge of a variety of tasks that every Mariner needs to be able to safely operate your vessel such as:  basic navigation, slow manoeuvres, handling the vessel at speed, berthing and situation awareness.

There are 20 different tasks that you will be assessed on during you Practical Assessment

  • You will be given the opportunity to practice each task and the instructor will advise whether they think you have completed that task to a competency level ready to attempt the formal practical assessment.
  • In the Practical Assessment, it will be up to you to complete the tasks without any instruction or assistance.
  • For students who have never driven a boat or Jetski before, multiple training sessions will probably be needed similar to a car licence learner driver, depending on the students aptitude.
  • Our initial fee includes on water practical training of approximately 45 – 60 minutes per person (groups of up to 3-4 persons) for the various tasks you will be assessed on, giving you the opportunity to learn as you watch other people as well as practice yourself.
  • When you can do each of these tasks without any instruction, you will be ready to attempt the Practical Assessment.

You may not be competent in driving the boat or jetski in one day.  Additional practical training sessions (@$200 per hour includes vessel & instructor) may be required if you are unsuccessful in performing the required tasks for the assessment.


The BoatSafe licensing system requires the instructor to formally assess each student’s competence with the MSQ mandated list of tasks.

 You will need to pass your practical assessment without any assistance or instruction.

Only one attempt at each practical task is allowed per day under assessment conditions.  So it you run over your man overboard or do not follow collision regulations etc., then just like a car licence you cannot be passed that day.

If you are unsuccessful in the practical assessment, you can pay for further training sessions, giving you the time to practice the required tasks again until you are ready for your next Practical Assessment attempt. (Additional $100 per assessment)


Once you have successfully achieved your Statement of Competency, it is valid for 6 months and must be presented in person by filling out the Licence application form and submitting to Qld Transport.

Licence fees for RMDL & PWCL charged at Qld Transport:

What the Boatsafe Course offers: