Commercial Seatime (Sea Service) Day

Commercial Seatime (Sea Service) Day with Nautical Training and Marine Services

Embark on a one-day Sea Service with Nautical Training and Marine Services, the minimum requirement for the Coxswain Grade 3 Near Coastal certification. Our AMSA approved program immerses you in vessel familiarization, maneuvering techniques, and safe operation, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence for a maritime career.

On your first day of Seatime with Nautical Training and Marine Services, you will embark on an intensive learning journey designed to meet AMSA requirements.  Using the Coxswain Task Book and vessels Safety Management System as your learning aids.

Initial Learning Components:

  • Vessel Familiarization:
    • Understand the layout and functions of the commercial vessel.
    • Learn about essential safety equipment.
    • Understand the vessels motor, equipment, electronics and helm operations.
  • Safety Management:
    • Study emergency procedures and drills.
    • Learn risk management techniques to handle potential hazards.
    • Understand regulatory compliance requirements and best practices.
  • Maneuvering Techniques:
    • Receive hands-on training in navigating through diverse conditions.
    • Practice docking, anchoring, and handling various weather scenarios under expert guidance.
  • Navigating Busy Waterways:
    • Gain practical insights into effective communication protocols.
    • Practice collision avoidance strategies and efficient route planning.

By the end of your first day, you’ll have a solid foundation in the essential aspects of vessel safety and operation, setting the stage for further skill development in your maritime career.