How to get your Queensland Marine Boat & Jet Ski Licence

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  1. Contact Karla to discuss your Training and Assessment Course options with Nautical Training & Marine Services


  1. Complete “Pre-study Theory”:  At home in your own time.  

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  1. If you have limited or no onwater experience, choose to attend the optional, “Learner Practical Training” Course which has been introduced to better prepare new boaters by enabling them to gain onwater boating knowledge and confidence learning the basic vessel handling and manoeuvring skills, practicing, rules of the road on an MSQ Approved training vessel with a qualified Trainer, prior to attending the Boatsafe Training and Assessment Course.


  1. Attend an MSQ Approved, BoatSafe Training and Assessment Course RMDL (Recreational Marine Driver Licence), PWCL (Personal Watercraft Licence) OR COMBINED RMDL/PWCL in anticipation of achieving your successful Statement of Competency.


  1. Submit your Statement of Competency to Department of Transport Main Roads Service Centre for validation.